About Us

My STEM  Toys is a family run business founded by three relatives - Sharon, a certified elementary school STEM teacher, Grandpa Mark, a computer programmer and all around geek, and his wife. If Grandma understands our how-to videos, we know we did a good job.

Actually, the idea for My STEM Toys started with Grandma – she wanted quality educational toys for the grandchildren to foster their natural interest in science and technology. She was confident buying all sorts of educational toys – robotics, building kits, solar cars, etc. – because Grandpa Mark knew how to work with the toys together with the grandchildren. She herself did not have a clue how to explain transistors and circuits. She then realized that many families do not have a Grandpa Mark – someone not only very knowledgeable about the sciences and technology, but also able to explain it in an easy to understand way. And so, the concept of My STEM Toys was born – not only to provide quality STEM toys, but also educational videos so that kids can independently play and learn and develop their science, technology, engineering and mathematical skills.