Grandpa Mark's Instructional Videos

Some products on My STEM Toys include access to Grandpa Mark's Instructional Videos. What does this mean?

Grandpa Mark VideosCustomers who have purchased a STEM toy from our site, will receive an email with instructions on how to access the My STEM Toy Video Library for that toy. The video library contains short videos showing how to use the toy, and explaining the scientific principles behind. A sample video is included on the product page.

These videos are intended to help children play with STEM toys independent of adult supervision. Many times parents/grandparents want their kids to learn from the toys, but lack the knowledge and ability to do the explanations themselves. Grandpa Mark fills this gap. He shows step-by-step how to do a project, and teaches in easy-to-understand language the STEM lessons that apply.

In addition to the initial email granting you access to the video library, if you choose to subscribe to our emails, we will send you an email notification when a new video for the product becomes available,